What is Wink.org

Wink.org  (Former TronBet.io) is a decentralized DApp platform, providing Tron TRX, DIVE token, LIVE token and Bittorrent Token BTT games.  The LIVE,DICE and WIN tokens can be freezed in the Wink.org platform to distribute TRX, LIVE token and BTT on a daily basis to your wallet. 

What is and how to get these WIN, LIVE and DICE tokens?

 By using TRX to play games on the Wink.org platform, you will be able to gain WIN,LIVE,DICE no matter if you win or lose. 
You can also buy and sell some of the tokens from a DEX such as Binance or https://trontrade.io

By freezing DICE token on the Wink platform, users will be able to receive daily dividends (every 24h) TRX and BTT.

By freezing LIVE token on the platform, you will get TRX  2 times a day in your wallet.

By freezing WIN token on the platform you get daily TRX, BTT.

What do I need to be able to play?

All you need is a wallet that supports Tron network’s tokens.

TronLink Wallet

TronLink is a wallet that supports all tokens existing under the Tron network.(TRX, BTT, LIVE, USDT and more.) TronLink wallet is an extension for the chrome browser. You can download TronLink Wallet from here.

Scatter Wallet

Scatter is a wallet which is compatible desktop and it provides chrome extension as well. It allows you to sign transactions on the EOS blockchain using your private keys from web applications without ever exposing your keys and provide personal information easily and only when you want to. It is also supported by the Wink.org website. Download from here.