MFT = HOLO (HOT) ? MAINFRAME – how it is gonna pump.

Mainframe (MFT) is a blockchain project aiming to create a platform for distributed apps that will seal the holes in the privacy and security of the current internet architecture. Very similar to the HOLO (HOT) project.

Currently MFT is trading at 10 sats or 0.000950 USDT.

MFT is trading between 8 and 13 sats since 8+ months, which means only one thing – ACCUMULATION. I think this will result in a huge pump. It is better to get your bag now while it is still cheap. It may dip till 6 satoshis but this will be for a very short time and you will have to market buy. Safe sell between 45-65 sats. There is a huge possibility also to aim the levels around 120 sats but that is for more adventurous people. In USD Cents sell between: 0.015 USD cents and 0.025 USD Cents. 

BTC Price: 9425

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