I’m buying privacy coins and nobody can stop me. #punintended

Privacy. That is what Bitcoin doesn’t stand for. Yes, you heard me right, all intelligence agencies has developed ( for most of them maybe partly) a lot of ways to find you and get all your BITCOINS. That is why privacy coins pump as hard as the king, Bitcoin, in every cycle.

After the news that the Chinese government will push a new crypto friendly law 2020, the price of Bitcoin jumped with 3000$ to almost 10 500$ per Bitcoin. Also, the Chinese Central Bank will issue their own crypto currency named “DCEP” .

The feeling I am having is that our Chinese brothers will pump the shit out of all legit privacy coins like, Monero XMR, DASH, Zcash ZEC and probably the shitty ones like Verge XVG, Bitcoin Private BTCP and few others. 

My bags are full, do the same because soon everything will pump. Save the date, cheers! 

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