Ethereum, or how to learn from last cycle mistakes.

Money right? It’s all about the mulah. So last cycle 2017-2018  ETH outperformed BTC in profit returns. If you bought Ethereum Mart 2017 for ~40$ and have sold it (not even at the peak) at 1000$ per ETH, thats 2500% in profits 🙂 . So next year will be different, with smaller % of return, but still it will outperform BTC in gainzzz. These days ETH trades at 186-190$, it can dip to 98-120$ tho, but for the long term it does not matter. Also, what i think is that Microsoft will implement ETH or find a use case for their clients in some way, and this will boost the price too. Vitalik is working in the shadow of Microsoft since a year and a half so 🙂 . Oh yes, and Ethereum 2.0 is coming, bigger better faster stronger. Buy and HoDL. 

Remember, profit is profit, take them when you make them. *buT mY fRieNd mADe 2000000% in prOfiTs” – not a single fuck given. 


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