What is Blockport?

Blockport is an abbreviation for “Blockchain portal”, providing everyone access to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain super fast and easy. Blockport is the fastest way for european citizens to buy crypto. It’s located in the Netherlands.

What can i do with Blockport?

You can buy cryptocurrencies with SEPA Bank Transfer, SOFORT Banking and iDeal. Also with Revolut

You CAN buy/sell and send all cryptocurrencies available on the webiste. You can exchange any cryptocurrencie for euro and withdraw it to your bank account at any time. 

Loans – Blockport users are able to use the Nexo platform to get crypto loans and withdraw them through Blockport. More info about the loans below.

Verified account limits:

10 000 euro monthly deposit limit / 0% fee on deposits

10 000 euro monthly withdraw limit / 2 euro fee on SEPA withdraws.

How can i do that?

Click here and register to Blockport.

Complete your account verification. Upload your ID and a photo of yourself. Wait for the Blockport team to verify your identity. After that is completed, you will be able to deposit. Make sure to deposit only from bank accounts and debit cards owned by you. That’s it.

Pro tip: Use your smartphone for the verification process.

Deposit Menu:

 Buy Crypto Menu:


Nexo and Blockport Loans

Blockport users are now able to use the Nexo platform to get crypto loans, offering them another alternative to selling their cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies. Instead of selling their cryptocurrency assets, Blockport users can now keep their crypto, with all potential upsides, and leverage them to get instant access to cash.

As explained in the Nexo Platform Demo video below, the process of receiving a loan starts with customers transferring their crypto assets to a Nexo wallet. Once the wallet is funded, the Nexo Oracle automatically calculates the customer’s available credit limit based on the market value of their holdings.

At this point, the loan is instantly made available to the customer, allowing users to withdraw cash directly to a bank account. Soon clients will also be able to spend directly with the Nexo Credit Card. This way investors get access to liquidity without any hidden fees or additional hurdles. Nexo also doesn’t perform credit checks, as the loans are fully secured by the value of the customer’s Nexo Wallet holdings.
When it’s time to repay the loan, customers can repay it in fiat currencies via a bank transfer or they can repay with their crypto assets.

Users can receive a 50% discount on the interest rate if they repay their loan interest with NEXO tokens or if they use NEXO tokens as collateral for their loan.

Click here to request your crypto loan from Nexo now!

You still can’t figure it out? No problem! Contact us and we will help you, click here.